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Braided Flexibles and Shunts

We manufacture Copper Braided Flexible Connectors, Shunts and Jumpers using thin copper (Cu) braided tapes and rope. Design can be fully customizable upon our customers requirements.

Standard Specifications we offer for our Copper Braided Flexible Connectors, Shunts and Jumpers:

  1. Single Wire Diameter – 0.07 mm to 0.30 mm
  2. Braided Tapes & Stranded Rope can be bare, tin or silver coated
  3. High Flexibility & Conductivity ETP Grade Copper (Cu) with a minimum copper content of 99.90% and is ROHS Compliant
  4. Conductivity (IACS at 20 °C ): Based on Material Thickness, ranges from 97.00% – 99.25%
  5. Cross-sectional area: 25mm2 to 6000+ mm2
  6. Polyolefin, Polyvinyl ChlorideSilicon, Anti-Tracking and Fibre Glass Insulation coating available on request
  7. Contact areas are assembled solderless, with pressed copper connectors provided bare and on request tin (Sn) or silver (Ag) coated

Torsion Industries specialises in making Copper Braided Flexible Connectors according to CUSTOM requirements. We can provide job – specific solutions according to bus-way sizing, current rating and fitment required, etc.

Additionally, we also specialise in manufacturing Aluminium Braided Flexible Connectors, Jumpers and Shunts according to specifications and requirement of our clients.

Why Choose Torsion Industries?

We are a leading manufacture Copper Laminated Flexible Connectors, Shunts and Copper Laminated Flexible Jumpers or Aluminium Laminated Flexible, Shunts and Aluminium Laminated Flexible Jumpers based in Mumbai, India.

  1. Superior Service: We offer the latest customizable jointing solutions for electrical equipment, distribution systems and numerous other industry applications
  2. Quality Commitment: We at Torsion Industries are committed to the highest quality standards, accredited
  3. Strategically Located: We are situation in the heart of the commercial capital of India, Mumbai. Providing us with quick turn-around times and low cost, timely delivery PAN- India and globally
  4. Experienced Personnel: Established in the year 1990, Torsion Industries has 25+ years of experience in designing, manufacturing and testing flexibles and connectors supplied in India and Internationally
  5. Manufacturing Facility: Our new state of the art 1500 sq. meter facility leverages top of the line machinery coupled with highly skilled workforce and is ISO certified, with an in-house, design, testing and R&D facility

Torsion Industries specialises in manufacturing Copper Laminated Connectors, Jumpers and Shunts as well as Aluminium Laminated  Connectors, Jumpers and Shunts according to CUSTOM requirements. We can provide job – specific solutions according to bus-way sizing, current rating and fitment required, etc.

Advantages of using Braided Flexible and Shunts:

  • Protects damages due to earthquakes
  • Compensates for misalignment’s and thermal expansion
  • Absorbs vibrations and caused by operations and movements inside machines
  • Protects against movements and expansions in machines and equipment
  • Copper Braided Flexible Connectors offer higher flexibility in comparison to Copper Laminated Flexible Connectors
  • Aluminium Braided Flexible Connectors offer higher flexibility in comparison to Aluminium Laminated Flexible Connectors

Industrial Applications of Braided Flexible and Shunts:

  • Control Panels
  • Bus-ways & Bus-ducts
  • Transformers
  • Isolators
  • Switchgears
  • Oil and Vacuum Circuit Breakers
  • Generators
  • Renewable Energy Power Distribution Systems
  • Numerous other Industry Applications