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Mr. Kapur has 25+ years experience being at the helm of Torsion Industries. He is instrumental in shaping the course of the company with his visionary ideas being the rubrics of the firm and runs the operational aspects of the firm in its entirety.

Sharad Kapur

Mr. Sharad Kapur is Co-Founder of Torsion Industries. With over 25 years experience as an entrepreneur in the field of electrical engineering. His vision and direction have been instrumental in establishing Torsion Industries as a leading electrical engineering firm in India.

Mr. Kapur is one half of the founding members team who establish the company as a nascent partnership setup based in Mumbai, India over 2 decades ago. Over the years he has helped shape the organisation with his strong leadership skills, business acumen and responsible approach to all stakeholders of the business.

His vision for Torsion Industries has always been to be at the forefront of technology, with a dedication towards providing high quality products and satisfying our customers as their primary goal. He strongly believes in the company mission of  “Created Committed Connected Customers“.

He envisages that with the growth in India set to hit new heights, Torsion Industries can ride the growth wave in the country. He is optimistic to see the company grow its existing clientele of 200+ customers globally, with an added focus on developing and testing new products in the field of electrical jointing solutions.