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Business Development

Mr. Shashank Kapur is the head of Business Development at Torsion Industries and is focused on building and maintaining client relationships as well as exploring new opportunities the firm can look to venture into going forward.

Shashank Kapur

Mr. Shashank Kapur is the head of Business Development at Torsion Industries. He has completed his BSc. (Hons) in Financial Economics from the City University of London. He is a Charted Financial Analyst Level 2 Candidate and has a keen passion and interest in the realm of finance coupled with a strong inclination towards entrepreneurial ventures.

Mr. Kapur has served in two roles prior to taking up the position of the head of BD at Torsion Industires. He initially worked with a private chartered accountant and consultant in the role of an equity research analyst evaluating worthwhile public equity investments for the firms partners as well clients to the firm.

He then moved onto a role as a Financial Analyst at a leading firm based in Mumbai. He worked very closely with Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms based in the US.

His role entailed building detailed company and industry analysis presentations and well in-dept research of potential targets for acquisitions for the interested parties. It also incorporated building elaborate company models evaluating financial and management decisions precursor to the event occurring. He also advised firms on comparable acquisitions and carried out valuation exercises to advise firms on the potential entries and exits planned.