TORSION is an established manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of High-Tension Electrical Power Connectors (765 kV system Voltage and rated for 5000 Amperes). We are one of the oldest and dependable electrical connector manufacturers that cater the ever-growing needs of Indian Power Sector Industry for five decades now. Our electrical power connectors are designed for the switchyards and electrical equipments like transformers, circuit breakers, isolators,  disconnectors,  current transformers, potential transformers, instrument voltage transformers, capacity voltage transformer, capacitor bank, series reactors, lightning arresters/ surge arresters and bus post insulators.
Torsion Industries specializes in electrical power connectors and contributing to the demands of Indian and overseas power sector industries. Our main connectors range encompasses Bolted Connectors, Compression Connectors, Extruded Connectors, and Welded Connectors
substation connectors
switchyard connectors
Compression Type High Voltage connectors
Transformer Connectors
High Voltage Power Connectors
Power Connectors
Bus Coupler
HV Connector
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