Highly Flexible Air Cooled Copper Connectors

Highly flexible connectors are manufactured by braided tapes with a single wire diameter of 0.07/0.10 mm bare, tin or silver coated. Standard flexibles are non insulated but on request it is possible to deliver the connectors with insulation tubes. Standard lengths are 300mm and drilling patterns are specified however the designs lengths and drilling patterns are changeable to suit your fitment. The contact areas are assembled with solderless pressed copper connectors bare and on request tin or silver coated.

The advantage of the solderless pressing process is that only material of same analysis and same conductivity is being connected which is not the case if tin or welding which are additionally used.

Standard manufactured connectors have a width of 20-200mm. Possible cross - sections are 25 - 6.000 sq.mm or above.

High Current Flexible connectors
Flexibles for Transformers to Bus ducts
High Current Braid Connector
Electrical Busway Flexibles
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